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Why is media analysis necessary?

Large and medium business in Russia is paying closer attention to working with the media in order to improve the company's image, expand the clients' base, form the public opinion, etc. The effectiveness of this direction is due to the professionalism of public relations specialists, as well as to specific instruments. These instruments are the analytical study of the media and information field.

Qualitative press analysis allows you to:

  • assess the situation realistically,
  • identify the key players, important factors and trends,
  • predict events and the actions of competitors,
  • plan your own actions, taking into account all the above-mentioned data.


Opportunities of our clients

The Prime Time Company offers a wide range of products in the field of media analytics. In particular, the reports of our company are used by the clients for the following purposes:

  • press analysis for the comprehensive assessment of the situation in the information field, 
  • identifying the opportunities for improving the performance of the information field on the basis of media analysis,
  • development of information policy in the light of the existing media image and the situation in the industry as a whole,
  • planning of various activities in the field of public relations on the basis of the experience of competitors and companies from related fields
  • optimization of the work with publications and journalists (creating the database of journalists, journalists' rankings, ratings of editions, industry media database).


Key criteria for the media analysis

The criteria for the  media analysis can be divided into two categories: traditional and innovative.

The traditional criteria are

  • indicators of references,
  • level of interest in different kinds and types of media,
  • positive, neutral, ambiguous, and negative publications, 
  • statistic data on the level of coverage of the actions of the company's representatives,
  • commentary activity,
  • publication of information disseminated by the press-service (press releases, press conferences, etc.).

Innovative media analysis criteria have been developed in order to create specific instruments for the work of public relation experts. To find out more about this area of research, you can consult the specialists of our company.