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Media Monitoring: complete

Most customers consider completeness, i.e. the maximum coverage of the media in the monitoring to be highly important. How is this coverage achieved?
You must have access to all databases that exist in the media market:

  • Integrum
  • Factiva
  • Medialogia 
  • ISI 
  • Lexis-Nexis

However, this is not enough. All the bases have one major drawback - low coverage of the specialized media, both print and the Internet.

This means that you should be offered a fairly substantial list of additional editions. Their monitoring will be carried out by subscription (printed) manually, as well as using appropriate software (Internet).


Media Monitoring: convenient

  • Media Monitoring has three basic formats:
  • The format of a text document (as a rule, MS Word)
  • Database
  • News feed (xml)
Text document

This is the most traditional way of designing a media monitoring. The easiest option is to collect publications. More sophisticated instruments have a complex system of cross references, three-tiered structure of annotations. Data can be presented in tabular form.

If you constantly work with archived media materials, then this is the very format that you need. Monitoring in the form of a database will provide quick search of the necessary messages and information, counting the statistics and identifying trends in the information field.

News feed (xml)
This format has recently been gaining in popularity. You can either use an existing option or request monitoring in the xml format which is displayed on the intranet.


Media Monitoring: operational

Timely provision of media monitoring plays an important role. Therefore, two issues must be taken into consideration: 

  1. Delivery of regular media monitoring at a very exact time;
  2. Fast fulfillment of additional tasks of the Client.


Furthermore, you can learn about additional opportunities to improve the speed of the information delivery with the help of the Online media monitoring.