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You can either gather information on your own, or you can use the results of the everyday work of thousands of journalists and analysts across Russia. After all, hundreds of articles containing information on various markets are published every day in the media. For each article, journalists and analysts collect data from a large number of sources: statistics from government agencies, expert evaluations, commentaries of the industry players.

This information is available to experts in information search and therefore is available to you. Contact our experts at (495) 225-99-39 and use the opportunity to develop individual digests or industry reviews which can be perfectly appropriate for your needs.

Advantages of the digests created by Prime Time

  • Using information from the specialized media. Each industry digest is created with the use of over 30-40 specialized sources (newspapers, Internet).
  • Relevance of the information. Materials from dailies are included in the digests on the day of their publication (before 10 a.m.).
  • Convenient format of the digest. The clients of Prime Time have a wide range of formats at their disposal. The latest product created by our company is the Webclient which has the form of a news page on the Internet.
  • Validation of the information. While preparing a digest, our specialists review all publications concerning the events and data on the industry. As a result, the report includes only the most reliable data from the most authoritative sources.

Standard (approximate) Structure of industry and competitor digests:

  1. Legislation 
  2. Activities of state bodies (regulators); 
  3. News of the key players, 
  4. Industry Research, 
  5. Innovation and Technology, 
  6. International solutions for the industry, 
  7. Trade shows, conferences, events, 
  8. Competitors' news; 
  9. Miscellaneous
  10. Existing solutions

Currently the Prime Time Company regularly publishes the following industry news digests, to which you can subscribe:

Title, Industry Subscription price
(in Russian rubles
including VAT per month)

Pharmacy retail (media review)

10 000

Oil and gas (news digest)

12 000

Rail transportation (news digest)

12 000

Food retail (press review)

12 000

News of the cosmetics and perfumery market (media review)

15 000

Banking sector (news digest)

12 000

Real estate market (industry digest)

14 000

Pharmaceutical digest (industry digest)

12 000

News of the beer and soft drinks market (events digest)

14 000

News of strong alcohol spirits (events digest)

12 000

Tobacco market (media review)

15 000

Aviation industry (media review)

16 000

News of the IT-sector (media digest)

12 000

News of the grain market (news digest)

10 000

News of the Russia-Belarus Union (events digest)

10 000

Public Relations and Media News (events review)

15 000

A media review is based on all materials of the media (print, TV, radio, Internet, news agencies) on a given topic or industry.

A press review is based on the print media dedicated to one particular subject or industry.

A media digest includes publications of the most authoritative sources that contain unique information, without repetition.

A news digest contains the information published both in the media and from other sources.

An events digest is a specific form of a news digest which contains information only about specific events or activities.

An events review includes a brief analytical description of the information contained in the events digest.