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How much does the Media Monitoring cost

Imagine that you decided to buy a car. You have a general idea of how much you can pay for the opportunity to move around quickly and comfortably and to be independent from public transport. What are you going to do next?

You collect the information about different types of cars, their pluses and minuses.  You can either do it yourself, or seek the advice of an expert, or make an intuitive choice. Whichever way it is, you are looking for the price-quality correlation. In this case quality implies a set of characteristics such as comfort, engine power, vehicle size, reputation and prestige of the brand, design, and much more.

Each manufacturer has its own line of products - from economic midget cars to luxury business models. And each car has its price.

Now let us get back to your choice of the media monitoring. If you need a standard product to simply gain information about the industry, then an industry review (digest) will suit you best. You can find the prices for our digests in the relevant section of our site.

Another option would be to monitor the information field of your company. Usually this implies full coverage of the maximum number of sources, both central and regional. And the price will depend on the capacity of the car - that is, the size of the company, and accordingly, the number of publications about it. As a rule, a large company (an industry leader, for instance) is mentioned in 400-1000 messages a month, therefore such a product will cost from 15 to 50 thousand rubles a month.

Anyone who has ever bought a car is well aware of the additional options. And each manufacturer has its own set of standard and custom options that increase the purchase price.

In media monitoring the standard options are as follows: writing annotations, grouping messages by subject or by other criteria, design of the final product. And the purchase of supplementary options also has a price, i.e. the ultimate price will increase by 10 to 20%.

You can also choose custom options developed by our specialists: online monitoring, the Webclient, “prompt alert”.

Contact us to learn about the price of your media monitoring: (495) 225-99-39.