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As you may have already noticed, a correct Media Monitoring has three main qualities: it is complete, convenient and operational. The relevant section of our site will provide you with a full description of each of these qualities, which will help you answer the ultimate question - how a Media Monitoring should look like. In addition, as a client you should know how to choose the right Media Monitoring. On this you can explore the relevant section of the site dedicated to the proper choice of the supplier.

Moreover, as a professional you may be interested in other ways of using the Media Monitoring. To this end, a specific section on non-standard products and their purpose has been created.

Apart from the individual Media Monitoring, you will find interesting information on digests and reviews of various industries.

Representatives of large companies that have a substantial amount of information field may wish to pay special attention to the section “Analytics. PR instruments. Market Research”.

The Prime Time Company provides consulting services in the field of media research. We offer our clients a wide range of information products, including media monitoring, monitoring of blogs, press clippings, news reviews, topical and news digests, information map of the day, journalists' ratings, analytical papers, competitive analysis, reputational audit, and much more.

In order to solve non-standard tasks and develop new products that help optimize the information policy, we created a Department of special projects and analytics. By combining the individual approach to clients and the experience of our analysts we carry out complex researches in a very efficient way.

The basis for most products of Prime Time is the monitoring of the mass media and other open sources of information (blogs, online resources of various organizations and agencies, etc.). Media monitoring is carried out with the help of an integrated database containing more than 10 000 Russian and 3 000 foreign sources (print media, news agencies, Internet, transcripts and recording of TV and radio, specialized press).

Along with the data of the Media Monitoring while preparing information products, specialists of Prime Time use the materials of marketing and sociological research, their own results of studies of central and regional media markets in Russia and abroad.

Our products are a unique instrument to optimize the work of public relations specialists, press service and marketing departments staff, as well as of top management. Media Monitoring and other information and analytical reports will improve the effectiveness of the decision-making process in the areas such as Public Relations (PR), Media Relations (MR), Government Relations (GR), Investor Relations (IR).

The clients of Prime Time are large Russian and foreign companies, banks, public and political associations, financial industrial groups.

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